The Feast of the Clowns features relevant social justice campaigns each year:

All of the issues The Feast of the Clowns aim to raise awareness about are separate issues, but also all strongly related since they all contribute to the health (physical, emotional & spiritual) of our communities. The Feast of the Clowns focuses on social injustices that afflicts vulnerable people the most in our time frame whilst working towards building strong awareness programmes, educating the pubic, taking responsibility and engaging in transformation

Workshops, colloquiums, training and exhibitions on social justice issues will be hosted and presented in Pretoria CBD, as well as on the University of Pretoria’s Hatfield and Mamelodi campus during the week of the Feast.

THEME FOR 2018: ORGANISE> See it – Own it -Change it!

South Africa’s history of disciplined resistance and protest caused the law of apartheid to fall. The organised majority forged ahead slowly, yet steadily in the ongoing struggle for justice. Today, a new generation of activists continues the struggle to disarm the looming spirit of apartheid embedded within education, politics, the economy and even the church. The struggle for a just community, a just city, a just country and a just world takes courageous daily engagement and creative strategies for building coalitions with people of good faith and good will to act collectively and subvert power imbalances.


Organise! seeks to:

  • find our collective voice to lament our wounds and wounded cities
  • continue the conversation as conscious, active citizens of Tshwane
  • deepen relationships for living justice together
  • celebrate the urban alternatives organising from below and within.